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GCR’s Ratings Navigator: Centralized access to publicly accorded ratings, illustrating the evolution of individual entity ratings over time, as well as comparability of ratings across similar issuers All GCR’s current public ratings GCR’s current and all historical public ratings (nominated analytical unit(s))GCR’s current and all historical public ratingsGCR’s current and all historical public ratings
Full GCR Credit Reports: Take in the complete picture of what drives the rating for an individual entity. Published annually or event driven.Access to current GCR Credit Reports (nominated analytical unit(s))Access to all current and historical GCR Credit ReportsAccess to all current and historical GCR Credit Reports
GCR’s Peer Comparative Publications: Comparing key credit metrics and trends for similar issuers in the same regionAccess to GCR Peer Comparative Publications (nominated analytical unit(s))Access to all GCR Peer Comparative PublicationsAccess to all GCR Peer Comparative Publications
GCR’s Credit Metrics Navigator: Interactive financial, ratio and trend analysis for select issuers across multiple African markets.
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*GCR has 4 key Analytical Units: (1) Financial Institutions (banks and non-bank financial institutions, and funds); (2) Insurance (short term insurance, life insurance, reinsurance & healthcare); (3) Corporate and Public Sector Debt (corporates & industrial borrowers; property funds; parastatals, utilities, state governments & local authorities); and (4) Structured Finance & Securitisation.