Credit Spotlight: West African Economic Monetary Union Country Risk Scores (August 2021)

The Country Risk assessment, which is a key part of the operating environment score, interacts with GCR ratings in four ways. Firstly, the country risk scores create the foundation for the Anchor Credit Evaluator (the mapping table, see the Criteria for the GCR Ratings Framework and the interactive online map at Secondly, the country risk score/ assessment acts as an anchor to the GCR Risk Score and therefore ultimately to the GCR issuer ratings. Thirdly, the country risk assessment acts as a hurdle (or more accurately as a series of hurdles, differing according to industry) that limits uplift away from an entity’s financial sector operating environment (the combination of the country risk score and the financial sector risk score). Lastly, the country risk score provides a level from which government support can be applied for each industry.

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